Standing Beautiful

This page is going to be devoted to finding balance between emotional, spiritual, and physical health and beauty . . . to find confidence and healing through trauma. 

I will tell you about products I love, books that motivate me, and tools that I have found in my own life that help me keep that balance in check. Putting my human development major to work with my art minor. 

Where ever you are on your journey today, I hope you will join me as we explore the world of beauty and emotional healing, and bring them all together to become the most confident, loving, balanced, and happy person you want to become . . . or remember how to be the person you think was lost. 

My journey hasn't been the same as yours . . . but I know how hard the balance is. For so long I hid behind things on the outside to cover up my pain on the inside. Then I went the opposite extreme and tried to just focus on healing the inside . . . all the while forgetting what made me feel beautiful on the outside. 

So this project is all about helping you figure out where you are on that scale, after trauma has left you forgetting your confidence, and finding a balance to go from broken to beautiful. Confidence takes balance. And beauty can be found on the outside . . . and in. It is when those two align, that we find our confidence again. 

You cannot have one without the other. 

So whether you are hiding behind gallons of makeup and thousands of dollars in high heels . . . or you are hiding in your fifteen year old track sweats and haven't left your house since last week, I hope you know you are not crazy, and you are not alone. I have been there, and so have thousands of others. 

Today, even though you never asked me to . . . I give you permission to find what makes you feel beautiful on the outside, and whole on the inside . . . and see if those two working together can bring back the person you thought was lost.

This journey is dedicated to my four daughters . . . in hopes to make your world more confident so you can stand beautiful.

Standing Beautiful Project
Between diet, skin care, exercise, sleep, routine, and finding your own healing journey . . . I know how hard the balance is to be able to do it all. But as I have worked one on one with individuals to help them heal on the inside, I am finding more and more that we have to heal the outside right along with it . . . or they cannot stand beautiful. Their confidence has a hard time showing up, when they can't stand what they see when they look in the mirror.

I would love to help you on your journey. I would love to see you succeed at standing beautiful. As a person who has spent the last three years working with individuals suffering from sever emotional trauma, I never imagined worrying about what they were putting on their face, or in their mouth. But here I am.  

I would love to offer a free in person or online consultation to anyone who would like to create a personalized plan. If you want to lose weight, need a new game plan for getting better sleep, or want to learn some new makeup and skin care routines. I am excited to be part of your complete healing journey.  Please email me and we can set up a time.

Some of my favorite beauty secrets:

MaskCara Beauty was created by a beautiful woman named Cara. It is my absolute favorite makeup. Why? Because it takes your skin and highlights what is already there. You never look like you are wearing anything at all, but you are glowing. I am now a certified makeup artist for MaskCara and love every minute of teaching others how to find their beauty. 

 I love putting makeup on people and teaching them how to feel beautiful in their own skin.  It is like a work of art, and I love teaching them how to take five minutes of their day to find that glow. I love watching them find confidence by learning just a few simple tricks. I love seeing their smile as they walk out the door loving what they see when they look in the mirror, and allowing themselves to live like it was all on purpose. I love helping people heal . . . on the inside and out. 

But before you can love how your makeup goes on . . . you have to heal the skin. That is why I have partnered with Rodan and Fields. Because they have taken their gift to heal people's skin and found four systems, each one working with the four different issues that us woman (and men) need. Aging skin, damaged skin, infected skin, and sensitive skin. Each of their skin care regimens are unique and healing. I love starting and ending the day with whatever my skin is telling me at that time, and these four systems have an answer for every concern that comes up. My twins love the acne line and we are seeing wonders with Shawn's sun spots with the Revive line for damaged skin. So there really is a line for everyone. 

If you have any questions about what regimen will work best with your type of skin, or colors for your skin tone, please email me and we can figure out your best healing system.

I promise you that all the work you have been doing on the inside is going to shine through, but I want you to to know that you too can stand beautiful on the outside again. You can get back that glow you thought you lost through trauma and heart ache. And as you find the balance of beauty, you will find your truths. Cause the truth is . . . you are enough. So lets help you remember why.

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